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Teflon® Encapsulated O-Rings

Elastomeric, rubber O-Rings are vulnerable to high friction and limited resistance to gas permeation and aggressive chemicals. Solid PTFE O-Rings are rigid and have no effective memory and high compression set. CHEM-RING™ Teflon® encapsulated O-Rings combine the sealing force and resilience of an elastomer with Teflon’s chemical resistance. This is achieved using an elastomeric core of Viton™ or silicone with a relatively thin encapsulation of PFA fluoropolymer or Teflon® FEP. This results in an elastomeric PTFE seal that features greater sealing capability.

While PSP’s Chem-RING Teflon® encapsulated O-Rings have an elastomeric memory near that of rubber O-Rings, they are solvent-resistant and chemically inert (except for attack by alkaline metals, fluorine and some halogenated compounds at high temperatures). The more routinely prescribed FEP encapsulation also has a very low coefficient of friction (.1 to .2) and extremely low permeability to gases, so that CHEM-RINGS are virtually a universal seal in hostile environments.



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Teflon® Encapsulated O-Rings

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